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Becca Mas
over 6 months ago

I work at a hotel, and they recently opened a new restaurant in our same building. I spoke with the hiring manager at the restaurant about possibly working there part time, and he told me to bring him my resume and we could go from there. When I returned to work after my day off, my coworkers were being kind of rude, and making odd comments and laughing. Someone even tore my name badge off my storage cubical. I didn’t understand what was going on... until I found this:

By the front desk was the resume I had given to the restaurant manager, except it had ‘corrections’ written by my current manager all over it. And as I read it, the jokes my coworkers had been making suddenly made sense- they had read it too!

I’m so embarrassed and violated and hurt. I don’t know what to do.

Any advice? Thank you! #advice #management #bullying #resume #coworkers #discrimination #violation #privacy