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Richard Thatcher
over 6 months ago

If you are working well as a ride-share driver for #uber or #lyft in the greater Duval county of Northeast Florida, I would encourage any responsible driver to sign up with UZURV360.

It's a reservation based version of Lyft/Uber that supports people with disabilities, limited movement, and other issues. As a tax-subsidized program of the Jacksonville Transit Authority's JTA Connection Plus program, it really gives back to the community with a flat $6 ride with a radius of 15 miles one way without stops.

As a driver, you get to pick your own rides in competition with others, and you can work an area or a time. With the tax subsidy , drivers are paid far more per ride than either Uber/Lyft, and clients never feel the pinch of the incentives.

There are some things to know upfront about the program. The priority is you cannot be late to an appointment to pickup someone. Some of the clients absolutely have to be where they are going and cannot rely on a casual Uber driver who might show up. It doesn't work like that. These clients may have special needs and as a driver you need to be patient and on time for them.

If you are late without a justifiable reason, your driving ability maybe suspended. Do it again and you might be out of the program. Drivers have the ability to cancel appointments up to 2 hours in advance, so other than mechanical issues or illness, there isn't any reason to be late.

My advice is not to mix Uber/Lyft rides with Uzurv because you never know where you maybe going with them in comparison to UZURV where the driver knows everything in advance.

With Uzurv in Jacksonville, FL I was making very good money in addition to Uber/Lyft. If I just stayed with UZURV for 5-6 days I was clearing 800-1200 week.

Working with UZURV itself was a good experience as they are in constant contact with their drivers. Uzurv360 is in other cities too, so I would encourage drivers to check this opportunity out too.

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