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Posted to #peoplefirst
Jobcase Team
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over 6 months ago

Hey Jobcase family – We know you all appreciate companies that treat workers right. So here’s a good one – Delta Air Lines! They’ve been showing their employees a lot of love lately.

Delta just shared $1.6 billion of profit with the folks who work for them. That’s a record high, and it means about TWO MONTHS of pay for the average person. It’s also the HIGHEST rate paid out amongst the 4 largest US airlines. That’s some serious love!

So, we have a couple suggestions for you:

FLY Delta. If you’re flying anytime soon, FLY Delta. Let’s spend our money with companies that know where their bread is buttered. It’s workers that make them successful, and Delta knows that. We can reward good employers by helping them HIRE and GET MORE SALES. When we do that together, other companies will have to treat their workers better!

APPLY for a Delta job. If you or someone you love is looking for work, check them out. We’re featuring Delta’s jobs on Jobcase (BTW, they did not pay us for this). We like how they treat their workers, so we thought you should know about their openings.

So stay tuned Jobcasers – to hear about other “people-first” companies. And if you have a good example of a company doing right by their workers, LET US KNOW! Just post about it right here in the community using these hashtags: #peoplefirst or #supportworkers