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Posted to #jobsearch
Raymond Shope
about 1 month ago

It has been over a decade now since my graduation from UCSB with a B.A. in Chemistry. Over the years, I have only had one temporary job about 2 years after graduation. No matter how I craft my resume or demonstrate my skills to a potential employer, I keep getting sidelined and not taken into consideration. It's pretty sad that I have been working other odd jobs since then, some paying almost as much as I was during that stint. Even when informing potential employers that I am a bright, quick learning, easily trainable employee with many skills to offer, they say I am not the right fit due to my demographic. I think and feel that everyone should be given equal opportunities for employment, no matter the background. Unfortunately, with the experiences I have received over the years, this is clearly not the case. Either I am overqualified for the position, or too inexperienced for the position potential employers tell me. That, or they totally ghost me prior or after an interview. In my opinion, if a potential employer is URGENTLY hiring, would it not behoove them to give myself or others in a similar position a chance? It surely doesn't seem that way. #jobsearch #advice #interview #ageism #sexism