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Janice Reed
Community Specialist
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

We’ve seen a growing number of suspicious posts everywhere and apparently it’s ​​Scammers are stealing identities with fake job ads . It’s frustrating to stay productive for your job search to find a legitimate listing. Plus, there can be serious risk of falling for identity theft when submitting your personal information to the fake posts. What are your strategies to spot and avoid these scammers? Please share in the comments so we can all be aware!

Here are some tips:

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Janice ReedCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

@Amy wallace do you suspect you may have been scammed by someone pretending to be from this company? If so, I would tread lightly! There are always other job listings out there. If you get a bad feeling from one, trust your instincts and move on!

As a quick background, there are two reasons a job listing online gets removed:

  1. The job listing expired. This means the company filled the position and took down their online job listing as a result.
  2. The listing was put up by a scammer. Scammers often try to misuse job sites to rope unsuspecting job-seekers into a scheme to try to steal their personal information or money. Job sites do their best to stop this behavior, but unfortunately sometimes scam listings are live for a time before being taken down. If you're on a job site and you think you've been scammed, or you think there is a scam opportunity posted, you can help yourself and other job seekers by reporting scam listings to the job site you're on. Once a listing has been reported, the job site can more quickly review it and take it down.

If you're interested, you can also take a look at our our article on how to spot and avoid a job scam while you're looking for work. All the best to you in your future job search.

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Arizona Giles
over 6 months ago

Today I could have been scammed if I had not called the bank and inquired about my hangouts conversation with a lady posing to be a hiring manager from a company called intellectsoft , hired me emailed me a pdf check for me to deposit in my bank email her a copy of the deposit , wait 24 hrs until funds will be available for me to buy my equipment to work with the company.

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