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Posted to #scams
Wesley Monte Jr
3 months ago

I've only been a member for about a week yet, I noticed there are numerous fake accounts posting jobs. And i also see comments from a few other members talking about how they have tried to report these fraud accounts posting jobs to no avail. I wasnt going to pay it any mind. Until, I logged in today and noticed that the ONLY comment I had posted publicly was removed by an Admin. It was not a very lengthy one, probably 2-3 sentences saying how I was not here to to get scammed. Nor was I here to scam anyone. And that I was just here to find a job. It was not offensive in any way. So im struggling to understand why a site administrator felt they had to take down my post. Unless they themselves are actively behind the scams posted on this site or are backing the people that do it. That is which brought up the question.... What Is Jobcase Exactly? #scams #advice #jobsearch #wordsofadvice #help #management #termination #application #interview #workfromhome #fraudcase #