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Posted to #jobsearch
Michael Frash
Community Specialist
Community Specialist
5 months ago

When I managed a small team at my last job, I noticed one of my favorite employees was working on their resume while ON the clock. I spoke with my colleague and told her it was inappropriate to look for a new job while working. At the same time, I wondered why she wanted to leave, and what I could do to improve her job experience.

This week I saw a different type of story online. An employee had updated her resume via LinkedIn while OFF the clock. The next day, the manager asked her why she was looking for a new job. This manager had been spying on the employee.

COMMENT BELOW: Is it Ok for managers to track how their employees #jobsearch? #nextjob #etiquette

Posted in Truckers USA
Paul Bevington
over 6 months ago

I am a manager of a medium size truck stop with 300 parking spaces. I have a problem (constant) with drivers who pull onto the fuel island and do their 30 minute break without fueling. We have 9 fuel bays and I find myself constantly having to go out to move trucks off the fuel bays. It is amazing to me how many drivers wish to argue and fight with me rather than be a professional driver and park in our parking lot. We are never full so parking is not a problem, we don't charge for parking and we are a full service truck stop. Any suggestions o how to stop this problem? If someone is doing their 30, then I can't sell fuel to the person waiting to get on that island.