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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
about 8 hours ago

Stay-at-home and make $18.40/hr with PAID training!

Take the next step towards landing a 100% remote job with this new full-time Customer Experience opportunity you can do from anywhere within the US.

This entry-level job offers paid flexible training schedules, medical and dental benefits, paid time off, and paid holiday and sick time. Want to learn more? Read on…

Interested? Follow these steps to apply:

1 - Go to the full job description and application page at Alorica | Customer Experience Associate: $18.40

2 - Carefully read the job description and include in-demand skill and qualifications requirements like, (customer service, phone, computer, communication, listening, comprehension, objective, patient, confident, and positive attitude), as many times as possible on your resume.

3 - Apply, Apply, Apply! The hiring process begins when you successfully submitted your online job application.

Other Remote Jobs Hiring Right Now!

Work ANYWHERE in the US - up to $28.85 an hour

Get paid $18/hr to work comfortably from home!

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Ruby Dobbertin
about 19 hours ago

Background Checks VS Pending Charges

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I have been in the medical field for the last 20 years. Medical Records/HIT, Health Department Clerk, Home Health Receptionist and Data Entry, Out Patient Image Scheduling for a health network that included 5 area hospitals, and of course, all included Customer Service Excellence. With in the last year I had even begun to get things together to further my education with a BS in Health Science. However, in June of 2020, a series of unfortunate events began. In June, my marriage of 20 years ended after my husband abandoned my son and I. In September, my employment ended. Fought for unemployment and marriage for the next several months. Was awarded unemployment finally mid-late November but only discovered that I knew nothing about the man I married instead. Still we continued to be blessed thru the holidays and into the Spring of 2021. March of 2021 I was served with an Emergency Protective Order filed by the one who left my son and I. Unemployment ended in June and still going to court for PO because the "unknown" is battling charges of Felony Embezzlement from the previous employer he abandoned along with us when he moved over 800 miles away, just to put things in perspective. My son is now 18 and a senior in high school. The youngest of 6, abandoned and hurt, watching me barely hang on while I try my best to absorb as much of the missing link's contributions as I could. We would argue but never anything physical. I lost my s#it somedays, if I am being honest, but never warranted getting arrested on July 3rd for a domestic A & B, 1st offense, claimed by my son. Stayed incarcerated until July 6th and was released to an organization who would oversee my return for future court dates, got my ankle bracelet for assurance that I would not contact the "unknown" via electronic communication in any form. I am being evicted now, court is on July 12th. Was late due to lack of information and he won by default. I am looking for a place to go now, packing my stuff, got my ankle monitor on and charged. Although I can not say for certain how the monitor was to keep me from "digitally stalking" the ex, I refrained from any communication, as requested. It was not difficult. July 20th, in the middle of packing, I think I have a place to go, police beat on the door and yell "Police!! COMPLIANCE CHECK" so, of course I open the door. Was asked to get all components for bracelet and then told me to turn around, i was being arrested for stalking, a Felony charge. Cut the bracelet off and BAM......first bond reinstated @ $5000 and new bond $5000. So I sit for almost a month before I am released on August 13th thanks to a co-signer and a surety bond payment of $1000. I had begun to deliver for a grocery shop and deliver outfit when I was informed by email on August 9th that I had violated a term of their platform and could no longer deliver for them. Never was specifically told exactly what I violated....so I quit fighting it. Now I am at a family members with what was saved by friends and family of my personals retrieved from the home I had been evicted from. I worked for Instacart before the background report proved I wasn't lying when they asked what would come back in it, roughly August to beginning of October. Then waitressed for about a month, did a little DoorDash when transmission in my vehicle decided to go out. Have had a slew of interviews, hopes up, then dashed. Quit looking for medical, or office, so I tried the warehouse worker route. Offered and accepted employment with 2 major distribution companies in my area, as a driver and 2 warehouse positions. Met all criteria until the background was complete. 2 pending charges now. Assault and Battery, Dom, 1st offense and a Felony stalking charge which has been reduced to a misdemeanor. Now it is November 15th and I get a new background report that was requested by DoorDash and figure i already know what is on it but decide to open anyway to a new charge for Identity Theft, a Felony, that the "unknown" I am still married to, had a family with, and never really even knew, is now claiming. NOW I am an abandoned wife and mother of 4, grandmother to 3, a 44 year old, unemployed, flat busted, no vehicle having lady who just 6 months prior had a clean background, who has decided that my next hope is the burger drive-in a little more than a mile from where I am staying. I was informed that due to my being honest, and it may or may not have come up in whatever they run for I-9 background- they couldn't hire me at this time. I have hired an attorney who expects a payment towards his retainer once a month, shelled out insane bail fees that include the current weekly payment installment I am already a week behind on, waste valuable time and resources going to every continued court date only to be told to return the next month and do it all over again with having no idea what is even next. I will have vehicle repairs coming due with in the next week, just trying to make it and simply can not. I understand a background check for the medical field if it is hands on patient care, but no longer understand why a background would need to be completed for an applicant applying to work from home with no requirements to come into a physical location where patients may be. I've applied and have had several interviews for customer service alone or data entry jobs from home that I can't land due to my background. What happened to innocent until proven guilty and look what it does to someone who will prove their innocence in 2 of the charges with out a date leaving the stalking allegation to be reduced to a PO violation at most due to a lack of understanding at best. Especially to the grocery delivery company who let me go while I was in jail due to what could have only been what came up as pending on a background they ran. Why not allow that person to continue to work until they have been resolved and go from there? And then the next company I was honest about what would come up on report, they allowed me to work for 2 months before the report came back and confirmed what I said. You felt your customers were safe even though I had told you what would come up, and now they're not? I have a lot of questions, thoughts and concerns. I was betrayed, lost, lonely and on my way to bed when I was taken from my home and arrested for something I did not do. I didn't even know it could happen like that. I would have never imagined this is where I'd be at the age of 44. So many job openings you keep hearing about and all the people who don't seem to want to work and nothing about the ones that do and just simply cannot, can't be productive, can't pay the costs that the legal system hastily places on the backs of those of us with the burden of proving we are innocent and trying to live as a person who has already been found guilty at the same time. Where do we go to apply for the jobs that no one else wants? I know if I can hang on long enough......the DA will decide at some point to quit entertaining his frivolous accusations and I can get back to some sort of a life again, not even sure what normal is, was, anymore. What are your thoughts? if you made it here I mean....lol What would you do, if you were broke and completely tapped with no more resources? I am pretty desperate at this point so sympathy, keeping my chin up, along with having any morals or values, are no longer an option, or so it seems. Thanks for reading if nothing else. Ruby

Julian Thompson
1 day ago

Work From Home (IT / Customer Service)

I'm looking for work from home roles due to medical debilitation. I had to resign my federal job due to medical status and now need work from home. I have experience in customer service and amateur technology projects. Will send my resume at request.

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Lori Burns

Billing and coding. My daughter gets more offers than she can keep up with. Complete the classes and exams, then get all the certifications you can.

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James Barakaat

Check arise.com

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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
about 11 hours ago

Get paid $18/hr to work comfortably from home!

Don’t miss this entry-level remote job opportunity to earn great pay from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Weekly starting pay for this role is $18/hr with PAID training and equipment provided. Interested? Get started below!

Check out all the job details and online application instructions at Adecco | FT Customer Service Representative - Remote - Anywhere, USA

Job Summary: Remote Customer Service Representative regular duties will include, taking customer calls, processing orders, and troubleshooting/providing issue resolution. Having some customer service experience and computer skills will help you tackle this role with success.

But WAIT… there’s more!

Expand your hiring potential and take a moment to explore these US companies also hiring stay-at-home service workers:

Sykes - Work From Home - hiring healthcare, telecommunications, finance, retail and more!

Concentrix-At-Home - third party global customer service provider looking for customer service pro's to assist clients from home.

TelePerformance - paid training with a great starting pay makes these jobs and excellent option for new work-from-home job seekers

Ready To Apply? Follow these quick application steps to BOOST your hiring potential!

Not interested in these remote job leads? No Worried, we can help!

  • Take a moment to share some of your top job preferences with us in the comments area below, and we will use your information to match you up with job leads and hiring opportunities that fit your immediate job needs and future career goals.

Thanks & Good Luck!

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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
1 day ago

Your next chance to interview is Tue, Dec 7th!

Meet with hiring managers to discuss immediate hiring opportunities in retail sales, merchandise support, customer service, and more! Full, part-time, seasonal & permanent jobs NOW available!

Your job search ends here! Apply online today at Macy's 2021 National Hiring Event then stop by your local store on Tuesday, December 7th for an on-the-spot interview.

What's in it for YOU!:

  • Instantly access wages you’ve earned, without waiting for payday, with Payactiv pay option
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Looking for other job options? No Worries - We Got You Covered!

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Happy Holidays!

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Marie Larrie
44 minutes ago


Serious Inquires only!! Data Entry clerk Needed $25/hr Temporary and Permanent Positions Available. No Experience Needed! We Train! Bonuses! Paid Weekly via Direct Deposit Full Benefits 5 Days work week Message me for more info!!! Via email Pulliamsteven50@gmail.com #workfromhome #hiringnews #nationwideusa #customerservice #fulltime #entrylevel #hiring #parttime #healthcare #jobsearch

Eleana Bowman
Community Specialist
7 days ago

Work ANYWHERE in the US - up to $28.85 an hour

Airvet is hiring for a Customer Support Specialist. This position is full-time and FULLY REMOTE, meaning you can work anywhere in the United States!

According to the job description: "This is a cross-functional support role, with the potential to evolve into a managerial role over time based on performance." The average wages for this position are between $45,000 - $60,000 per year.

Responsibilities include:

  • Respond to customer (patient and doctor) support tickets to resolve issues and questions
  • Provide relevant operational support for partnerships or new product launches
  • Share insights with other teams to improve the overall customer experience

Read the full job description and apply here! -> https://app.trinethire.com/companies/18520-airvet-inc/jobs/52045-customer-support-specialist-fully-remote-us-candidates-only


  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options
  • Medical, dental, vision coverage (including dependents)
  • PTO, paid holidays and flexible time off

🚨 This position will fill quickly, so be sure to apply as soon as possible! 🚨

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